Success Stories from use of the Tearplex™ formula

Great product, worked great for my Shi-Tzu. No more stains!!!
Michael - Orlando, FL
I love my Maltese but has severe tear stains. At first i was a little skeptical about using products since it may harm animals. But i was recommended by a friend. I tried it on my dog and literally in 2 weeks the dark stains started fading away. I absolutely love the product.
Michelle, SC
I have always wanted to start showing my standard poodle at local shows, but have never really made the effort to fully commit to it. While, Daisy, is a beautiful dog and is well-groomed, there has always been one problem:tear stains. In the past, I just used to clip some of the fur away and use baby wipe to clean underneath her eyes. However, my vet suggested I try a supplement to help prevent this problem from occuring. Anyway, long story short, I started using the product last month, and have seen some amazing results. In fact, I think Daisy also feels more beautiful. I plan to enter my first show next month and i owe a lot to this product, thank you very much.
Lisa - Macon, GA
I began using this formula on my newly adopted rescue Cava-Tzu 2 months after i got him at age 3. Within a month no new tear stains were under his eyes and after the groomer clipped under his eyes he was completely free of tear stains.
Clayton, my Cava-Tzu, now has clear and very healthy looking eyes. I plan to use it forever because he looks so much better with stain free eyes. Thanks for this wonderful product.
Sharen H.
I breed white dogs. Sometimes pups have terrible staining. I have tried everything on the market and found this product by accident! IT WORKS, within 2 weeks it was back to white faces! I can't ever remember buying something that "actually" lived up to the claims in the ads.
Norma, California

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