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How Tearplex™ Works

Vet checking a dog's eyes - TearplexTearplex™ is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, and does not contain risky chemicals such as Tylosin. At Tearplex™, we love our pets way too much. Our innovative Chemist included ingredients such as Billberry Extract, Eyebright, and Gluthathione to achieve the same results as other leading brands, but without the potentially dangerous ingredient, Tylosin, which is commonly found in most tear stain formulas. Tearplex™ is designed to help diminish the look of old tear stains, and is effective toward future tear stains*. After a few weeks of daily doses, as your pet’s fur/hair starts to grow out, you should begin to notice the tear stains visibly start to lessen. Keeping the stained areas trimmed can also help keep your pet looking stain free. Yes, Tearplex™ is a natural supplement that is designed for daily use and it is that easy!

The Dangers of Tylosin

Unlike other products on the market, Tearplex™ does not include the ingredient Tylosin in its formula. Tylosin is classified by the government as a drug that contains antibiotics. This ingredient has been shown to be potentially dangerous for dogs and cats. If given for prolonged lengths of time your pet can build up a tolerance to the antibiotic, and if the pet gets sick in the future it may be hard to treat future health concerns that would require an antibiotic as a form of treatment.

Unfortunately, many companies include this ingredient in their formula and do not disclose the potential health hazard of the ingredient, putting your companion’s health at risk. In fact, if you look at the ingredients in other leading company’s formulas you will find they include Tylosin with some form of beef, chicken, or potato flavoring to help mask the taste. Some countries like the United Kingdom have banned the ingredient for use in pet products.

Tearplex™, on the other hand, contains natural ingredients including Eyebright, Billbery Extract, German Chamomile, Gluthathione, and amino acids such as Taurine in our formula. These ingredients can help provide a variety of benefits to not only help with tear stains, but also to ensure that your companion potentially remains as healthy as possible*.

Before and After

* Results may vary. 100% untouched photos from use of the Tearplex™ formula.

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After Tearplex

Before Tearplex
Before Tearplex

Before Tearplex
Before Tearplex

Success Stories from use of the Tearplex™ formula

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Question: Is Tearplex™ able to be used on all breeds of dogs and cats?
Answer: Yes, Tearplex™ is formulated for use on all breeds of dogs and cats.

Question: Does Tearplex™ contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals?
Answer: Absolutely not! Our formula contains 100% natural ingredients and is 100% Tylosin free.

Question: What Makes Tearplex™ better than other tear stain products that are on the market?
Answer: The answer is simple: Research. Our formulary chemist spent the necessary time to specifically address tear stain concerns, and remain completely natural for your dog or cat. As a result of our time, efforts, and research we believe our company has formulated the best product in the industry.

Question: When can you typically expect to see results?
Answer: Marked improvements normally can be visibly seen within weeks. For optimal results, a daily dose should be provided for a full 5-6 weeks.

Question: At what age can my dog or cat start taking Tearplex™?
Answer: Tearplex™ is formulated for dogs and cats 6 months of age and older.Read More FAQs - Tearplex

Suggested Serving Size for Dogs and Cats

Suggested Dosage

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